A server for your HTML forms

Collect info from users without a server—Pageclip is your server. Lead capture forms, surveys, newsletter forms, contact forms, etc. Setup any form in seconds.

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Easy to Use

Just point your forms at Pageclip, and you're done.

<form action="https://send.pageclip.co/abc123def456">
  <input type="text" name="name" value="Roscoe Jones"/>
  <input type="text" name="email" value="roscoe@example.com"/>
  <input type="submit" value="Send">

Or use the API on your site to send data.

let data = {name: 'Bill', email: 'b@ex.co'}
Pageclip.send('abc123def456', data)

See the docs for more information →


Collect Leads for Your New Product

Focus on your product, not on setting up server endpoints for your landing page. Testing a new product idea without a finished product? Setup a lead capture landing page without a server.

White-Labeled Surveys

Build custom survey forms anywhere on your website with your own brand. Create a form with your questions and your brand elements, point it at Pageclip, and watch the results roll in.

Setup a Contact Form

Let your visitors get in touch from your website with a custom contact form. We'll email you when someone submits their information.

Pageclip works anywhere you can put an HTML form or run JavaScript—from your static Jekyll site on GitHub Pages, to landing page services like Unbounce, to blog hosting like Wordpress, to your homegrown webpages hosted on S3 or your Dropbox account.
So get creative!

Plans & Pricing

One SiteOne Form1,000 Submissions
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One SiteUnlimited Forms20,000 Submissions
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Unlimited SitesUnlimited Forms100,000 Submissions
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Unlimited SitesUnlimited FormsUnlimited Submissions
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Prices are per month. If you would like multiple users to access a shared organization account please contact us for pricing.