About Pageclip

Pageclip is created and maintained by Ben Ogle.

I created Pageclip to scratch an itch. I love the simplicity of static websites, but the one piece of missing functionality for me has always been the lack of form handling.

Over the course of my career as a programer, I have worked on, at, or with many web companies, and on many many side projects. At every single company and on every project, I needed to collect some information from users on marketing pages—beta signups, newsletter signup forms, help forms, basic surveys, contact forms, etc.

Nearly every time we needed one of these forms, someone would add a new database table, create special server endpoints to handle those forms, and write tests. Over and over again, the same thing. It always seemed like unnecessary work. Sometimes, the site was purely static, in which case we might use some specialized service, but would have trouble styling the form to fit into our brand, or have trouble adding that One Extra Field we needed to capture, or be generally dissatisfied with the quality of the 3rd party service. Occasionally we would setup a whole server just to handle the forms.

None of it ideal.

Pageclip was borne out of this frustration. My goal with Pageclip is to be a high-quality service that gets out of your way. Write your forms like you usually would, style them and validate them however you want. Then point them at Pageclip and save yourself the unnecessary server work.

My continuing effort with Pageclip is to make it as easy to use and as seamless as possible. I want to save you work and I want to save you agony.

Have feedback?

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