New year, new features, eh? Today we have three new ones for you: Webhooks, things to make your contact forms better, and the ability to archive items. Let me show you!


Pageclip can now call your very own server on each form submission with Webhooks. We will make an HTTP POST request to the URL of your choice with JSON data about the new item 😎

integrations tab, yo

See the webhook docs →

Contact Form Helpers

When a new form submission comes in, Pageclip will send you an email 📧 There are two new fields that make those emails better: email and subject. email will set the user's email address as the reply-to address so replying to the email responds directly to the user. subject will set the subject of the email to the user entered value 📬

<form action="{yourSiteKey}/contact">

  <!-- Used as the email's reply-to field -->
  <input type="email" name="email" value=""/>

  <!-- Used in the email's subject -->
  <input type="text" name="subject" value="Email subject"/>

See the contact form docs →

Item Archiving

You can now archive items in the Pageclip UI. Maybe you don't want to see test items on your newsletter list. Or maybe you want to archive the contact form submissions that you have already responded to. Archive has you covered!

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